Friday, September 30, 2005

Panini and tramezzini galore! Posted by Picasa

There's a little something I feel obliged to clear up: The Italian word "panini" is NOT singular. It means "little breads." It is NOT, as I have heard from those who should know better, necessarily a grilled sandwich. It is the plural of the word "panino" which is a small roll baked so the whole roll is the right size for a single sandwich. It is often filled with prosciutto, salami, cheese and/or veggies. In bar-caffés in Italy, there is often a hot ridged grill used if one wants his panino warmed.

Sandwiches on what we might call "sandwich bread," or sliced white bread, are more properly known as "tramezzini' (also a plural word). They can also be found in the bar-caffés in Italy and often have herbs or other greenery included and are rarely grilled. The crusts are usually cut off and they are usually cut into triangles.

The picture above, from a bar-caffé in Bologna, shows both sorts of sandwiches. The ones on the rolls are the more likely ones to be grilled. The ones with the lovely arugula draping out from it are more likely to be eaten cool.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. I feel better now.


Neil said...

Alyce, can we get a shop like that here? Kidding..... Glad you are getting back up to speed.

Kalyn said...

Great photo. And I have been to Italy but had no idea about how the word should be used, so thanks. I always like to learn new things.

Kalyn said...

Hey it's me again. Thought I would let you know that I spotlighted your blog and the Savory Creme Brulee on my blog today in my "Food Blog Finds".