Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things I've noticed about France

Some observations from one who used to spend a lot of time in France, but hasn't in many years:

No matter how big and crowded a bar or café is, the server leaves your tab on a little plate on your table. No need to give a credit card to run a tab.

Olive drab seems to be the new black in France. So it probably will be in Memphis in a couple of years. Just a heads up, fashionistas!

Nobody’s plate is removed from a restaurant table until everyone is finished eating. That’s good for me because I talk a lot and eat slow so often I don’t finish just because I’m the only one at the table who still have a plate in front of me.

Also in restaurants you could still be waiting at closing time if you don’t ask for your check. They don’t rush you. If you want to sit way past the time your coffee is done, they won’t bother you. Once you ask, you typically get it right away.

There sure are a lot of motorcycles here, and they’re loud. And many of their drivers are just plain crazy.

What I used to admire about the well-behaved French children when out in public seems to have declined immensely.  We’ve seen more than a few temper-tantrum, loud, whiny, or otherwise snotty little kids since we’ve been here.

A double dip dish of ice cream costs almost $4.00.  Of course, that’s extremely good ice cream.

A glass of rosé is rarely more than $3.50. A bottle for the fridge is between $4.50 and $6.00.  And that´s very good rosé.  Of course we´re still down South where the best of it is made.

French women are not as slim as they used to be. Of course we’re still out in the provinces. That well might change when we get to Paris.