Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lunch at the Yellow Porch in Nashville

Occasionally my sister, Cindy Corum, and I feel the need for sisterly bonding. She lives in Knoxville, so Nashville is a logical site. Lots of good restaurants (which we both like), lots of antique shops and malls (which she likes) and great clothing/shoe/accessory shopping (we both like that too).

I regret I failed to carry my camera to our first meal. We went to Sunset Café. We've been there many times before, and love it. We ate at the bar and Nathan took extremely good care of us. We shared several small plates, but sorry, no pictures.

However the next day was I was better prepared to document our meals. For lunch we went to The Yellow Porch, which had been recommended by a server at The Cheesecake Factory at Green Hills, where we'd ducked into our first afternoon for a little sustenance after a few hours of intense shopping.

We'd kind of slept in and missed the complementary breakfast at our hotel, so we landed on their doorstep promptly at the 11:00 opening time. We were not the first in line. We had a lovely lunch with a very charming server.

I got a roasted eggplant sandwich with roasted red bell peppers, feta cheese, roasted onion and a nice garlicky spread. There was the option of adding bacon, so of course I did!  It was very good.  The eggplant could have been roasted a bit longer, but still it was a tasty combination. 

The options of a side dish was either house made potato salad or Terra chips.  I took the potato salad. It was sort of a mashed potato salad with quite a lot of green onion. Still, pretty tasty and certainly better than bagged chips. Even Terra chips, which I quite like.

Cindy got a pasta dish, billed as "Linguine tossed with Bacon, Tomatoes, Capers and Parmesan Cheese." She (well, me too) was expecting sort of recognizable chunks of bacon and diced tomato. It was more of a cooked tomato sauce with some bacon in it. She doesn't like capers (this is MY sister? What's that all about?) so asked that they be left out. There was plenty of shrimp, and it was good, but somehow not quite what she'd expected.
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