Saturday, March 05, 2005

Well, who would think it? I know my friends think I am addicted to Dijon mustard: the good stuff from France, not the milder one available in the supermaket. Yep, the stuff that clears your sinuses and perks up the flavor of almost everything I can think of. In fact, one of my neighbors once, after several meals at my house said, "You know, Alyce, Dijon mustard is your catsup. You use it on everything."

Well that may be, but take a look at this: A Mustard Museum! If I could figure out where Mount Horeb, WI, is, I might be willing to make a pilgrimage there just to see it! Road trip anyone?

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edwina said...

hi alyce

the mustard museum is very close to madison wisconsin, home of "what d'ya know?"

not only do they have the website, but the have a wonderful catalog filled with puns, such as "the sound of moutarde".