Tuesday, March 02, 2004

With luck, this will be a series of thoughts about cooking, eating, and the world of food. We'll be reviewing some of our own functions, telling you about new products at Mantia's. We'll be talking about new trends in the culinary landscape and more! We will also be responding to some of your questions sent to our web site. I'll be suggesting information on interesting websites and still more!

Today's question concerns "bouquet garni." Although this is indeed available dried in bottles, I much prefer to make my own. The classic combination is parsley, thyme and bay leaf. You may wish to add other herbs, either fresh or dried, depending on the other ingredients in your recipe. The "bouquet garni" can be tied together, or into a square of cheesecloth. You can also use a tea ball, that little aluminum gizmo, pierced with a screw on top hanging from a chain. Then when you have finished simmering your broth, soup or stew, you can easily remove and discard it.

More, later!

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