Monday, March 08, 2004

Well, what was I thinking! I posted the information about Tasting Places, and completely failed to mention the class experience I had last year in Florence, at La Divina Cucina. My travel companion and I met Judy, an American who has lived and cooked in Florence for many years, at her appartment, just across from the Florence Central Market. After an early morning wine/munchie pick-me-up, we toured the entire market. She knows absolutely every vendor there, and we had a great time just doing that. (I have some very interesting photos; if you are interested, drop by the store and I'll share them, with some of the stories.) Then after we decided what we wanted to try to cook, we shopped for food, wine and bread, and then cooked and ate all afternoon. When we were finished, she took us to shops to find cooking implements we wanted, and seeds for some of the vegetables and herbs not available in Memphis. Altogether a most agreeable day, and I highly recommend it!

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