Sunday, August 28, 2005

Interesting but probably useless tidbits of information

I get several restaurant and gourmet market trade magazines. All kinds of statistics are included, and here are a few I have culled...this will probably be a work in progress. I'll update it occasionally. If you have any interesting ones to add, let me know!

From Restaurants and Institutions:

Taco Bell distributes 54 billion sauce packets for tacos and other menu items annually.

The highest grossing McDonalds location is in Moscow's Pushkin Square, with annual sales of $8.4 million.

From The New York Times:

Date of the first published recipe using tomatoes: 1692

Weight of the biggest tomato on record: 7 pounds 12 ounces

Annual per capita comsumption of fresh tomatoes in the US: 19 pounds


Andrew said...

do you have a link or more details on that first tom recipe?

Alyce said...

No, they didn't say; it was in todays NYT Magazine cooking article...I think that might give me something to research in my spare time. Thanks!