Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just a quick note...I finally got to the Penzey's store that opened recently in East Memphis. As you all know, I try to keep on top of what is available in the local market so I can direct folks to things I don't have.

Well, what a treat! To begin with, just walking in the door...the aromas of the spices and herbs make you want to buy one of everything and go home to cook. And every spice, herb or blend has a little jar that allows you to sniff. They had no less than four kinds of cinnamon, and it was interesting sniffing at each. There was a definite difference!

They also had a lot of dried peppers, more than just the normal chipotle and ancho. Lots of curry blends, lots of herb blends, lots of salad blends, and then just lots of great fresh-looking herbs and spices!

Most are available in small or large jars, and in plastic bags to refill the jars when you use them up. What an ecologically sound idea!

The store is in the Carrefour at Kirby Woods, on the southeast corner of Poplar and Kirby. Check it out!

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