Sunday, May 23, 2004

I'm off in Massachusetts, visiting the most adorable baby (and her parents, my son and daughter-in-law). We went the first night to a Mexican restaurant, Azteca in Attleboro, MA. Might be one of the most authentic I've ever eaten in. My son, the voracious eater, had the Azteca special, which appeared to be one of everything on the menu, and took two plates to serve. The other three of us had different combo dinners. Mine had an enchilada, and the unique sauce was almost creamy and quite yummy. Then there was a "guacatorta," a sort of flatbread topped with a bean filling, shredded spiced lettuce, thick red-ripe tomato slices and possibly the best guacamole dressing I've ever had! With three excellent margaritas and a beer, the entire check was a hair over $40. Wish they would open a place in Memphis! I would love to have a recipe for that enchilada sauce...more about MA eating experiences later.

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